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All About Diabetes Part2

 Step 3: Learn the best ways to live with diabetes.

It is common to feel overwhelmed, unfortunate, or angry when you are dealing with diabetes. You might know the steps you must require to stay healthy, however have difficulty sticking to your strategy gradually. This section has suggestions on ways to handle your diabetes, eat well, and be active.
Handle your diabetes.
- Stress can raise your blood sugar. Find out ways to decrease your tension. Attempt deep breathing, gardening, strolling, meditating, dealing with your hobby, or listening to your preferred music.
- Ask for assistance if you feel down. A mental health therapist, support group, member of the clergy,
Eat well.
- Make a diabetes meal plan with aid from your health care group.
- Choose foods that are lower in calories, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and salt.
- Eat foods with more fiber, such as whole grain cereals, breads, crackers, rice, or pasta.
- Choose foods such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, bread and cereals, and low-fat or skim milk and cheese.
- Drink water instead of juice and routine soda.
- When consuming a meal, fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, one quarter with a lean protein, such as beans, or chicken or turkey without the skin, and one quarter with a whole grain, such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta.
friend, or family member who will pay attention to your issues may help you feel better.
Be active.
- Set a goal to be more active most days of the week. Start sluggish by taking 10 minute walks, 3 times a day.
- Twice a week, work to enhance your muscle strength. Use stretch bands, do yoga, heavy gardening (digging and growing with tools), or try push-ups.
- Stay at or get to a healthy weight by utilizing your meal plan and moving more.
Know what to do every day.
- Take your medicines for diabetes and any other health problems even when you feel good. Ask your physician if you need aspirin to avoid a heart attack or stroke. Inform your medical professional if you can not afford your medications or if you have any negative effects.
- Check your feet every day for cuts, blisters, red areas, and swelling. Call your health care group right away about any sores that do not go away.
- Brush your teeth and floss every day to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy.
- Stop smoking cigarettes. Request aid to stop. Call 1-800-QUITNOW (1-800-784-8669).
- Keep track of your blood sugar. You may wish to inspect it several times a day. Make use of the card at the back of this booklet to keep a record of your blood sugar level numbers. Make certain to talk about it with your health care team.
- Check your blood pressure if your medical professional advises and keep a record of it.
Talk to your healthcare group.
- Ask your medical professional if you have any questions about your diabetes.
- Report any changes in your health.
Actions you can take
- Ask for a well balanced meal strategy.
- Ask about methods to be more active.
- Ask how when to test your blood sugar level and the best ways to utilize the result in manage your
- Use these suggestions to help with your self-care.
- Discuss how your diabetes strategy is working for you each time you visit your healthcare group.
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Step 4: Get routine care to stay healthy.

See your health care team at least two times a year to find and deal with any problems early.
At each go to, make certain you have a:
- blood pressure check
- foot check
- weight check
- review of your self-care plan
2 times each year, have an:
- A1C test. It may be examined more typically if it is over 7.
Once each year, be sure you have a:
- cholesterol test
- total foot exam
- dental exam to examine teeth and gums
- dilated eye exam to check for eye problems
- flu shot
- urine and a blood test to check for kidney problems
A minimum of as soon as in your lifetime, get a:
- pneumonia (nu-mo-nya) shot
- hepatitis B (HEP-uh-TY-tiss) shot
Medicare and diabetes.
If you have Medicare, check to see how your strategy covers diabetes care. Medicare covers some of the costs for:
- diabetes education
- diabetes products
- diabetes medicine
- sees with a dietitian
- unique shoes, if you need them
Actions you can take
- Ask your health care team about these and other tests you might need. Ask exactly what your outcomes indicate.
- Write down the date and time of your next go to.
- Use the card at the back of this brochure to keep a record of your diabetes care.
- If you have Medicare, examine your strategy.
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Things to bear in mind:
- You are the most important member of your healthcare team.
- Follow the 4 actions in this brochure to assist you find out the best ways to handle your diabetes.
- Learn the best ways to reach your diabetes ABC goals.
- Ask your healthcare group for help.
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